Thursday, July 16, 2009

Next Meeting - 25th July 2009

Hello everyone, we are meeting next at 2 p.m. on the 25th of July, 09, Saturday at school. All ex-students please join.

Indrani Das.(Madhyamik 1996)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Meeting updates: April 4, 2009, Saturday.

This meeting was brief and very few things were discussed. We were given the names of the guests who will join the discussion which will follow the walk on April 14. The event, which will start at 10.30 a.m., will be presided over by Dr Mamata Ray, president of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. The guests at the discussion panel will be Prabrajika Maheshprana Mataji of Ramakrishna Sarada Mission Matri Bhavan, Biman Mukherjee, former [upashiksha]* director, and Dr Tapas Basu, professor in the Kalyani University.
Also, the outstation alumnae can send their contributions through cheques drawn in favour of MULTIPURPOSE GOVERNMENT GIRLS' SCHOOL GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATION COMMITTEE. An account has been opened on this name, so please get the name correct in your cheques. Please note that there is no "Alipore/Alipur" in the official name of our school, so please do not mention it in the cheques.
And those willing to send their literary contributions for the magazine must note that the writings should come in by the end of April [The deadline may be a bit flexible, but please don't stretch it much.]

*I have no idea what can be the corresponding English word for upashiksha.
Rianka Roy [2001]

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A visual treat

Magazine/souvenir -- important update

Dear all,
It has been confirmed that the magazine/souvenir is coming out in October this year. So we need to work faster. The advertisements should be in by June and the write ups should reach us by May, preferably April. So whoever is in charge of whatever related to the magazine/souvenir, wake up!
Rianka Roy [2001]

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Souvenir/ Magazine

These are the people in the souvenir team.

Feel free to send your contributions to anyone/two/three/four/all of them. The souvenir will come out next year and we are yet to get a deadline for contributions. But start sending in your writeups, because we also need time for sorting and (if required) editing them. As for the wordcount, we were told each article should fill atmost three sides of foolscap paper.

You can also submit your writeups to Amita-di and Dolly-di, or to any teacher for that matter.
Rianka Roy (2001)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Meeting: 14th March, 2009

Dear all, you must be aware that some of us met at school today. Today's meeting was a bit more conclusive, and more structured, than the previous ones. Most of the present and former teachers of our school were present (and the MB fans, who weren't present, missed things that matter even more. She attended today's meeting, in person). The attendance of the alumnae was also remarkable.

I'm enumerating below the points that were discussed today.

1. Today we mainly discussed the plans for the walk slated for the 14th of april, 2009. All of us should reach school by 7 in the morning and after a brief inaugural ceremony, we'll have a walk round the campus and then the procession will go up to Rashbehari and then will return to the campus. There might be a recess after this. The kids will be sent home and after a few crunchy bites and a few hot sips, we, the oldies, shall head for the B.Ed College Hall. There will be a solemn discussion on education, modern education, values and certain other grave things. Jokes apart, some noted educationists will be present and the discussion will be quite enlightening.

2. And after having our heads filled with edifying thoughts, we'll get to fill our tummies too. Do not miss the sumptuous meal of fried rice, alur dom and other delicious tidbits. Well, it's yet to be fixed whether we'll get the lunch before the discussion or after it. But we'll get it for sure. And it's also not decided whether we'll have a buffet or a takeaway distribution of food-packets.

3. As for the walk, there will be a dress code for the alumnae. So far we have decided to wear white and green cotton sarees. Each of us will also don a cool embroidered sash, for which you have to pay 30 bucks to, errm, some senior didi whose name I've forgotten. She's a friend of Anjana Banerjee-di (class of '81 probably).

4a. And in the procession there will be tableaus, placards, posters on various themes like global warming, literacy programmes, water conservation, wildlife protection and other topics pertaining to social awareness. Anyone and everyone can make these posters, but they should be attractive, bear clear messages and carry legible writings. Please talk to Swapna (Basu) di for further clarifications.
4b. You can also build your own music-groups with your batchmates and sing along as you march on with heads held high.

5. We also need volunteers for crowd management, food distribution and other thankless yet indispensable chores on the day. We need people for decoration as well who will help the kiddies. Please register your names with Swapna di. Though no registration has started yet, we need to push this thing a bit more on our own because all the teachers will remain busy with the board exams till the 31st of march.

6. And those who are in the cultural team (the names are with Tithi Amboli, but she couldn't turn up today, nor could Saujanya. They are the secretaries of the Alumni Association.) you are supposed chalk out a programme of 2.5 hrs' duration for the last day of the three-day long carnival in October. The dates are probably, 27, 28, 29. Or they may be 28, 29,30. On the last day, after the seminar, there will be a break of 30 mins. So the cultural team is supposed to provide a filler for those 30 minutes too, which means there will be a 30minutes+2hrs 30 minutes long programme.

7. Meanwhile, those who are willing to contribute for the magazine/souvenir, please start sending your writings in Bengali/ English to Anjana Banerjee, Sanhita Bandyopadhyay, Rianka Roy, Ahirini Deb, Indrani Das. We still could not fix a word-limit or a deadline.

8. We are meeting next on the 4th of April for last moment discussions for the walk.

Rianka Roy. ( [2001]

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Next meeting for Golden Jubilee

Hello everyone, we are meeting next at 2 p.m. on the 14th of March, 09, Saturday at school.
Come one, come all.

Rianka Roy.
(Madhyamik 2001)